A Notre Damean should always keep in view the ideals on which Notre Dame of Kidapawan College is founded. LOVE of country and sanctity in education, directed towards the attainment of the goal… To OBTAIN HEAVEN FOLLOWING MARY… the ideal fittingly illustrated in the seal of the school. The Tripartition with the background of red, white and blue symbolizes the Philippines and its three divisions.

On the left in the field of red is Mount Apo towering over Kidapawan and the Province of Cotabato. Being the highest mountain in the Philippines, it marks the height of our ideals at Notre Dame. To the right in a field of white is the Marist emblem which represents the Marist Brothers, the religious order that undertook the mission of educating the students in the out-of-way places and barrios in Cotabato. The lower field is blue upon which is superimposed a cloud on which we see another M with an arrow piercing the alpha and omega. It symbolizes heaven as our beginning and end by following Mary.

These symbols are emblazoned on a shield to imply that armed and protected by NDKC ideals, the students serve GOD, country, and neighbor. We are also reminded by the frequent use of symbols of Mary that she is Patroness and Protectress of the Philippines as well as of NDKC.

The stars alongside the motto remind us again that we are made for heaven, which is our ultimate goal. Surrounding the shield we find a rosary, a devotion to which is a sign of every true lover of Mary. The cross of the rosary is enclosed in the shield, above all, marking the place of God all our activities, duties and loves. Its base rests upon the rising sun marking the Philippines as the only Christian nation in the Far East.